Southfork seeks to make creativity within advertising, communication & strategy fun and feeling fresh and new. Out with the old in with the new!

We have gathered creators, thinkers, movers, and doers at our ranch. Creating a magic mix of engaging creativity. Welcome to Southfork!

Coffee is one of our passions, over which most of our magic happens.

Georg Åhrström

CEO / creative / founder

Designer and founder steering the Southfork ranch in all the right directions.

Tim Jedeur-Palmgren

Creative director & founder

Head of the Southfork creative output. This guy knows his stuff.

Oscar Wall

Graphic design

Our design wizard and typography aficionado.

Tobias Hart


Tobias has the magic touch when it comes to animation. Quick effective and lovely.

Niklas Krig

Sound design

Sound designer, music producer and avid kareokee-virtuoso. Owner of Miko.

Gustav Olsson

Director / producer

Film and production master and rugby powerhouse!

Merit Krakat

SoME / intern

With all things social media this is the Southfork like/share generator!

Edvin Åhrström

Script / director (Stockholm)

A proud and true film geek with rainman-like knowledge of cinema.

Are you our next rancher? We are always looking for great talent and new friends!