Sorcerer’s Pyramid

Sorcery music Background: With roots in the revolting sounds of the 60s but always with their eyes forward, Sorcerer’s Pyramid makes music for a new generation of dreamers, lovers, and troublemakers alike. No matter if you encounter them in a small basement in the more exciting parts of town or on stage at a festival

Fairnet Scandinavia

Packaging Steam!  Background: Fairnet Scandinavia produces hand and stationary steamer systems for commercial and private use all over the Nordics. Driven to create products that add easy and fun to an otherwise tedious task is the Fairnet mission statement. Case: The products are great. Unfortunately, the packaging not as much. Southfork was tasked with producing

CKS bud


Co-op-express Background: CKS bud a coworker/co-owned bicycle company With a fleet 100% leg & pedal power. (No electricity here!) Delivering small and big goods in style and in time is their mission. Growing in size and establishing themselves in Malmö they needed something to differentiate CKS bud from the rest. Case: Founded on the idea



Pants on fire Background: ÅÄÖ Sweden creates pants and beanies made only from the best materials. All production in Sweden but with the help of Swiss high-tech fabrics that provide supernatural qualities. Case: Southfork was hired to develop a new set of strategies and art direction across the social media landscape to make åäö a