Precise biometrics

The future is biometric Background : Precise biometrics makes biometrics understandable and relatable to the consumer and client alike. Using fingerprint, gait, eyescanning and more they identify you and makes accessing data or physical objects easier and secure. Neat! Case: Southfork was tasked with creating a animated identity for Precise biometrics and bring the brand

Mando Diao

Goat heads & rock’n’roll Background: The beloved Swedish rock band Mando Diao released their 12th album BANG. It’s an energetic, dark and very personal album that is spellbinding, powerful and explosive. In your face and simply BANG! Case: Southfork’s Gustav Olsson and production company Gade18 was appointed to make the video for Mando’s song “Don’t

Nahom – Save me

Rhymes on fire. Literally. Background: Nahom is a Swedish Lomma-born rapper making waves on the Swedish rap scene. With a charming face and killer rhymes, he is on his way to greatness. Case: With petrol bombs, war-time bunkers and heavy industry as the backdrop Southfork created the music video for Nahom’s track “Save me” It

Enjay systems

Ventilated energy Enjay is really cool. Creating energy out of heat generated out of restaurant-environments into the building itself. Neat, huh?! Cutting Co2 is a must and these guys are doing a champion job at it. When Southfork was tasked with creating animated material for Enjay. We gladly accepted. Nice client for a nice cause!

Svenska livräddningssällskapet

Background: Svenska livräddningssällskapet is responsible for keeping Swedes safe in and around water. An important task. One of their main missions is safety on ice. Since ice skating and other activities are popular there is also, unfortunately, a lot of accidents. Case: We were tasked to create an animated short on safety on ice mostly

Green Furniture concept

Green team Background: Green Furniture is a Malmö based company creating some of the best public seating solutions in the world. Their products can be seen everywhere from Hong Kong Airport to shopping malls in Austria! Oh, did we mention that they are locally produced, Eco-certified and really Green? Great stuff Case: Southfork was tasked